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Game-changer: How Tech is becoming a Key Part of Sport

WATERLOO ONTARIO, November 21 2022 – As the FIFA World Cup 2022 kicks off, Spensor’s Co-Founder weighs in on how technology intersects with the future of sports, and how Spensor plays a key role.

Pictured: BOWdometer, an archery training tool powered by Spensor's technology

This year’s FIFA World Cup marks the first year that the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system is in use to determine offsides. In previous World Cups, VAR was used to validate a referee’s offside call. This year the tables are turned – VAR is making the call and human referees are validating it. It has sparked conversation about using technology in sports that Spensor’s team had an opportunity to contribute to in the Toronto Star (full article).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a really appealing application of technology that can be used to improve performance, predict outcomes and – most importantly for FIFA’s VAR – remove some of the subjectivity in sports. AI can tackle bias in sports to transform how athletes are scouted, recruited and moderated. It truly can democratize systems that currently are very subjective to give athletes opportunities that may not get noticed through traditional scouting methods.

The key to AI-driven solutions truly being objective is to fuel these systems with clean, unbiased data. Access to clean data is a gap that Spensor’s technology is filling. “Our technology makes high-fidelity raw motion data easily accessible to data applications,” said Marianne Bell, Co-Founder of Spensor Inc.

Because Spensor’s technology has been designed specifically to feed into end systems and applications, it can be used to build data-driven solutions quickly and cost effectively. “Our system takes care of collecting motion data while you play, so you don’t have to worry about HOW to get data,” says Bell. “You can focus on using the data to achieve your goals.”

Spensor’s technology has been fueling leading applications for athletic development in the sport of archery since 2020. They’re currently kicking off pilots in golf with several key partners. You can find the full article published in the Toronto Star here.



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Game-changer How Tech is becoming a Key Part of Sport
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Spensor Inc. is transforming the sports industry by equipping athletes with meaningful data analytics. Our game-changing proprietary sensor technology and open data platform provide athletes with high-fidelity data directly from their sports equipment during gameplay. Our team is passionate about using our expertise building wireless electronics and impactful software to revolutionize the sporting experience for athletes, spectators and industry professionals around the world.

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